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Sensuous Ethnography: A Visual Dialogue with Iranian Transmigrants 

Focusing on the growing trend of skilled emigration in Iran, which is often examined using a conventional textual discourse, I aim to develop a model that is multilingual and interdisciplinary to create a context that allows a deeper understanding of the sensorial implications of the notion of ‘‘transmigration.’’ This visual ethnographic research is thus conducted through implementation of visual multi-narrative perspectives produced in collaboration with Iranian transmigrants.

Visual Anthropology, 29: 432–450, 2016 Copyright # Taylor & Francis Group, LLC ISSN: 0894-9468 print=1545-5920 online DOI: 10.1080/08949468.2016.1192404 

The Guardian

As an Iranian academic, I’m fed up of being asked to focus on poverty and oppression.

This article mainly focuses on the hidden identity politics in academia and aims to tackle racism and racially charged prejudices evident even in the process of knowledge production and creative work.